An innovative chess platform

Play chess on in game mode or coaching mode!

  • “Game Mode” by the rules, play and mate your opponent.
  • “Coaching Mode” with no constraints, for analysis, relaxation and lessons.

In both cases play, watch and talk with your opponent !

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Interactive games

  • Rediscover the pleasure of chess with the integrated webcam and mic.
  • Just like you were at the club, facing a real-life opponent.
  • The “coaching solution” is perfect for taking or giving chess lessons. Both you and your student have the two colours in hand.
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A community of players

  • Casual, club or experienced players in search of new ways of playing chess on the web.
  • Chess Teachers, Coaches, Trainers and Instructors in search of a practical site that is dedicated to your activities.
  • Learners, apprentices and players in search of chess teachers.

They have chosen

PrivateChess is the meeting place for amateur, experienced, and Masters Chess players.

An interactive platform, you can communicate during the game or lesson.

Some testimonials…


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Fantastic !

Seeing and talking with my opponent while playing made me rediscover the chess on the internet.


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A site for online chess lessons at last. Simple, efficient and open to everybody.

Thank you, PrivateChess !


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Playing online with sound and the webcam takes the sensation of realism.

Conviviality, ideal to meet friends.

  • The idea is to bring together all the elements necessary to enable you give or take Chess lessons on the internet in a single site.

Our rates and services

You only pay for the lesson, teachers indicate their rates in their profile, PrivateChess takes a commission on the lesson.

PrivateChess brings together all the elements to enable visio-conference Chess lessons :

An interactive multifunction chessboard.
A webcam integrated into the chessboard.
A game clock.

No downloading, the lessons are paid directly on the teacher’s profile.
You can contact the teacher for free via the form on the teacher’s profile.


Your questions…

How can I take a lesson on

  1. Choose a Teacher and click on their name to see their profile
  2. Contact them to set up an appointment
  3. Pay for the lesson in their profile to receive the encrypted link for the lesson
  4.  Join the Teacher by clicking on the link

I start now !

What if I don’t have Paypal ?

No worries, you can pay with your credit card without registering with PayPal.

Can I book several lessons at a time ?

Yes, you can pay as many lessons as you want in the teacher’s profile.

The lessons page will be credited with the number of lessons ordered in the teacher’s profile.

What happens if we disconnect during the chess lesson ?

When you receive an email with the lesson link, the clock starts when the teacher joins your session. You both have to be on the page at the same time to start the clock and the lesson.

If one of you leaves the session or is disconnected, the clock stops automatically and resumes only when you are both back online.

The encrypted link remains active as long as the course has not been completely consumed

What new features are planned ?

In play mode  :

  • the possibility to Blitz (3 min ,5 min ,10 min)
  • the possibility of playing a game in “public”, so that the players can watch a game in progress, follow the conversations and observ the players by webcam